Happy B-day Beep and Bah

Beep and Bah celebrated their book birthday last Thursday and are now available to buy where books are sold. If you're looking for a fun book to read with your kids then Beep and Bah is the prefect choice. You'll enjoy reading all of Beep's lines and the kids will enjoy reading Bah's lines (Bah!) and calling out all the other animal sounds. It's a really fun read and the classes I've read the book to have really enjoyed it.

"It’s a ride is rich enough in slapstick, comical mishaps, jokes and general silliness to make anyone want to invite themselves along." - KIRKUS

"[a] sweetly silly quest: it’s manic, irreverent, and self-referential through and through. Beep’s relentless belief in his own heroism (which makes his indefatigable running commentary great fun to read aloud), combined with the comics-style framings and geeky-goofy supporting cast, should keep this story in heavy rotation." - Publishers Weekly