Gabby and Gator get Animated!

It's show and tell time.

About a year ago I was contacted by a studio in the UK called Studio Distract. They told me they were interested in developing Gabby and Gator as a television show. A few more months of back and forth working out an agreement and here we are. Below there are two links. The first is to an animated Gabby and Gator promo video they put together. We would love if you took the time to watch it, like it, maybe even leave a comment on the YouTube page where it's hosted.

Then after that if you could go to the Gabby and Gator TV show Facebook page they set up and click LIKE and leave a comment that would be great too. The idea is to generate interest and get the word out before Studio Distract shops it around to the Networks. There are also some pretty cool stills on the FB page of Gabby and Gator modeled in the computer. I especially like the backgrounds they have created. They are fantastic.

And last but not least if you can share the links and tell your friends that would be very much appreciated. Gabby and Gator would be a great show for kids to watch on TV. 

Thanks so much for your help.