Ignore that voice!

Wednesday. Today's swim workout was a challenging one. One where you are only a half hour into the hour and half workout and that voice in your head is telling you that "You're tired." "You can't do anymore." and "You're done." Well, you know what? That voice lies. Because not only can you do another set, you can do another one after that one, and another one, and another, and another and...you get the idea. You can't listen to that voice. You can push yourself way beyond what you think you're capable of. Past what the voice in your head thinks you're capable of. Past where you're comfortable. Past what's easy. Sure when you finish you are going to be tired but the sense of accomplishment is going to be amazing. Ignore that voice!

Have a great day!


Merlin ponders the future. Sometimes creativity can be mistaken for laziness. Staring into space is a crucial part of the creative process.


Here's a piece that I sketched out and colored over the weekend. I'm trying out a slightly different technique for applying color.  Something a bit more painterly. A little looser. 

A Boy and his Dragon

I've been trying to make a point of doing a daily sketch based on the themes suggested by either @daily_doodle or @sketch_dailies on twitter. It's a good exercise. Today's daily doodle theme was George and the Dragon. Enjoy.